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  • Dayna Orton

Spring has Sprung: It’s time for a little Spring cleaning!

Spring is officially here. We welcomed in the Spring Equinox a few weeks ago on March 20th. The days are getting longer, we are being called outside with the increase sunshine and warmer temperatures. The energy is lightening up and auctioneer oriented. As we watch the trees budding out and Spring flowers begin bloom, it’s important to acknowledge our bodies, mind and spirit are also following these natural rhythms. All signs show that it is time for some personal Spring shifts. There are some great ways to welcome in Spring.

Go with the flow of Spring: As the days are get longer with more daylight over more hours allow your schedule to reflect this change. Look over your daily schedule and plan out your days to reflect this change. Look at when you eat, when you sleep, and when you work out and/or spend time outdoors, look at the placement of activities and work hours. These are all areas that can harmonize to create a natural rhythm in your daily life.

Get that body movin’: Most people naturally feel drawn to outdoors this time of year. After Winter season of slower pace and internal reflections, spring represents bursting forth of new beginnings. We feel drawn to be out and about more and that includes moving our bodies. It’s an action oriented time. Support your body in the same way. Move your body each day. Change up your activities. It’s a great time to try something new. There is more freedom to be outdoors, take your indoor activities and move them outside. Always listen to what your body is telling you, remember proper care and let support for any health or physical issues as you transition to the more active Spring and Summer months.

We are what we eat: Notice the shifts in fresh foods coming into the grocery stores and markets. Farmers markets are starting open up for the season. We naturally begin to be drawn to light and brighter foods in Spring. It’s a great time to start changing up your meals and menus. This week choose some fresh produce from the store, and carve out some time to prepare a meal you haven’t had in a while, or even try something new. Notice how your mood and body respond to the the time focused on your food preparation, how the food tastes as you eat it. Invite some friends over share it with others. Our social time is another form of nourishment and everything tastes better when you have loved ones to share it with.

Sunshine days and Spring showers: Many people think of Spring as a joyful time. It tends to brings for a lighter moods. Often times people feel more inspired to get things done and create new projects and patterns. It can also emotionally carry with some Spring storms. As an action oriented season, discouragement and frustration can arise when things are not happening fast enough or in the ways you want. This can juxtapose with the lightness and joy that can come with Spring. Remember is a season of transition. Honor all your spring emotions. We are moving from the energy of Winter. Really honor how you are feeling and begin to do things that support where you want to be. A walk outside, pausing to listen to the birds through an open window, or getting together with loved ones and friends are all great ways to support yourself emotionally as you transition into Spring.

Spring Cleaning… literally!: It’s time to lighten the load. Plan some time to Spring clean your environment. Transition and clean your home, your wardrobe, your yard and anything else that makes up the environment you spend your days in. Make piles of things to keep, things to get rid of and things to share with others. Let go of anything you haven’t used in the past year. If you are struggling to let go, ask your self to put an emotion to the things you are holding on to. If it resonates positively keep it, if is resonates negatively, it’s time to let go. Really get into the corners and clear things out. Organize and find places for everything. Decluttering can be incredible therapeutic and matches the energy of Spring perfectly. It will feel amazing to lighten the load and have that reflected all around you. Remember to reuse, recycle and share with others, anything that you no longer need. Spring cleaning your environment is a great way to cleanse your personal world emotionally, physically and Spiritually.

We are honoring the Spring season here at Blooming Massage by bringing in something new. Our newest massage offering is Thai Massage offered by our new team member Rebecca. We are offering special rate for the month of April, for a first time Thai massage session with Rebecca for $55 for 60 minutes or $85 for 90 minutes. This offer is good for new and existing clients.

On Wednesday April 17th we have our monthly essential oils class at 7pm at our 21st Avenue location. This month the folks from Ecocenteric Cleaning are speaking about naturally healthy and non-toxic cleaning options. There will be people on hand to answer any questions you have about essential oils and natural health solutions also. Please feel free to reserve a spot or just show up for this class.

Give us a call at 303-827-5101 or visit and let us know how we can help you transition into Spring today!

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