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5 stars Most Relaxing Birthday Ever!     By Scott M Nov 8, 2019

“I had the opportunity to share a couples massage as a birthday gift from my wife and it was absolutely amazingly relaxing. Sandy and Terri are a talent all their own in how relaxed we felt with such incredible massage. Than you both so much!”


5 stars  Staff By Cody T    October 2, 2019

“Amazing staff and a relaxing experience. I will be going back soon. Thank you! …”


5 stars   Wonderful Experiences    Carrie A September 28, 2019

“I went in for a massage to help relieve severe tension headaches. Blooming Massage was able to get me in that day and as soon as the massage started by headache dissipated. Sandy was kind, professional, and knowledgeable. I’ll definitely be going back and would highly recommend Blooming Massage.”


5 stars    Laura P Super Relaxing Massage    September 28, 2019

“I had a 60 minutes massage to which I added a scalp massage: it was super relaxing, I was falling asleep multiple times! I felt happy and regenerated afterwards!”


5 stars    Michael T Excellent first time experience   August 25, 2019

“I was lucky enjoy to set an appointment mid Friday with little notice. The staff was clean, professional and polite. I asked for a deep tissue massage boy did I get one. Afterwards I popped off the table feeling refreshed and relaxed. Anyone in Longmont searching for a proper massage should go there first.”


5 stars   C.D. Massage    August 14, 2019

“Great deep tissue massage! Facility is clean. Staff is freindly, knowledgeable and did a great job. I will be back.”


5 stars    Jean Gurule   Body Massage   August 8, 2019

“Excellent service and massage. Will definitely plan to return. Therapist was very professional and receptive to request by client.”


5 stars    Greg B Fabulous Experience    August 2, 2019

“I had access bars, not a massage trip, but Donna is a fantastic caregiver. I will be back for massage therapy as well.”


5 stars    Sarah K The best!!    July 16, 2019

“The absolute best massage in town! Dayna is amazing. I would recommend her to anyone. The 90 min massage is like a well needed vacation.”


5 stars    Carol Wicks   Lower back pain relief!   July 7, 2019

“I came in to Blooming Massage with severe lower back pain and received much needed relief. Love the gentle soothing massage from Donna. She is a true professional!!”


5 stars    Lindsay Roberts   Prenatal massage June 16, 2019

“Wonderful prenatal massage with Donna. She did a lot of great stretching of my back, which felt wonderful! Would highly recommend.”


5 stars    C.H. Sandra Akers    May 28, 2019

“Sandra is an excellent massage therapist….she know aging body issues so I leave feeling less tense and more hopeful in spirit.”


5 stars     Meggan Wehmeyer    Excellent May 28, 2019

“I was in town for just a short while and was able to schedule the day before online very easily, which was very convenient. I was extremely impressed with Terri’s skill and ability to feel exactly where I needed work. She has an intuitive gift and great presence. Highly recommend!”


5 stars     David Taggart    Very nice May 19, 2019

“After a week of cycling in the Boulder area mountains Heather quickly worked out the kinks and knots and let me end the week feeling great!”


5 stars     Autumn S Best Massage    May 12, 2019

“My massage was amazing. I like a deep pressure and it was exactly that. I walked away from my appointment feeling completely refreshed”


5 stars    Aimee P 1st Prenatal but won’t be the last   May 7, 2019

“Great massage! Great environment! She made sure I was comfortable and the pressure was right, and areas were addressed. This is my first pregnancy and I’m definitely feeling the pressure and discomfort with all the changes by body is going through - I wasn’t sure how much it would help, but I will definitely be back for another prenatal, especially since the big day is just a few months away and this helped minimize the discomfort.”


5 stars     Jon Howard   Great Massage   May 6, 2019

“My massage therapist is fantastic! She made sure that I was relaxed and had a great experience. I am always treated wonderfully when I go to Blooming Massage!”


5 stars     Tony R Always Amazing!!     May 3, 2019

“I had a wonderful massage with Sarah and she was absolutely fantastic! She helped work out some knots in my back and get rid of some toxicity building up from stress. I very much recommend her or any of the great masseuses at blooming. I’ve yet to have a bad experience at either of their locations. Keep up the great work!!!”


5 stars     Jordyn H Amazing Prenatal   April 5, 2019

“My therapist was extremely tentative. She listened to my needs and adjust as need be. The pressure was perfect and she made sure to check in with me through out the massage. It was my first prenatal massage, but not my last! I highly recommend!”


5 stars     Joyce G Very educational, as well as therapeutic    April 3, 2019

“This was my first experience with Blooming MAssage. I’m from out-of-state and Renee helped me. She knew exactly what level of therapeutic massage I needed and didn’t disappoint. I know it’s her profession, but even so, she went above and beyond. I was able to relax enough to allow my neck and shoulder muscles to release, as well as my whole body. Thank you!”


5 stars    Brad Fortune     Great massage April 1, 2019

“Very nice atmosphere, super relaxing. I like that there wasn’t a lot of “smalltalk”, just lots of massaging. Erin has great technique and pressure. It was refreshing and invigorating.”


5 stars     L.G. Great massage with Donna    March 12, 2019

“My massage with Donna was wonderful. So relaxing! She was professional, kind, and made me feel so good. Thank you.”


4 stars    Janet W Magic Hands!    March 12, 2019

“Terri Maples gave a wonderful massage. I was in heaven for awhile as she kneaded out all the stress. Lovely!”


5 stars    Esperanza P   Deep Tissue Massage     March 10, 2019

“Great first time experience, would highly recommend! Space was clean and the staff super friendly. They made me feel comfortable and it was so therapeutic.”


5 stars    Alysia Morse    Favorite Place in Town    March 4, 2019

“Donna is the best massage therapist I’ve ever had. She’s easy to work with and really listens to what’s wrong and what you are looking for help with. I would highly recommended her!”


5 stars     K.J. Wonderful     February 27, 2019

“Dayna was amazing. It didn’t feel like a cookie cutter massage. She really wanted to learn my body and work on my spots/trigger points. I highly recommend this place to anyone wanting a custom experience.:


5 stars    Alysia Morse     Great Service Great Massage      February 17, 2019

“I booked a couples massage for my birthday/Valentine’s Day. Both massage therapist were great! My fiance does a very physical job and it helped him feel more relaxed along with helping his TMJ which was the best surprise. He always is in pain because of it Heather was able to make it go away. Then mine was very helpful as well. I work a very stressful job along with suffering from extremely severe endometriosis. It causes a lot of pain and tension and Donna helped so much. Would recommend.”


5 stars     Shawna W Amazing!    February 4, 2019 

“Donna never disappoints. My knows don’t stand a chance. She’s amazing at her craft. Just the right amount of pressure, not too much talking during my hour.”


5 stars   Sarah Kujuawa      Wonderful :) January 10, 2019

“One of the best massages I’ve had in a long time! Dayna was very kind, easy going and could read what my body needed very well. I look forward to making her and Blooming Massage a regular treat in my life.”


5 stars    Stevens Thanks!   November 10, 2018

“Great services! The massage really helped and was a good experience for a first time massage experience.”


4 stars    C.M. Too awesome    November 8, 2018

“My carpal tunnel pain was removed after 1 session with Erin. I love it. I’m going back. Very recommended.”


5 stars    Joe M Great for Long-term Care    October 8, 2018

“Dayna is a fantastic therapist! She’s consistently worked with me to reduce chronic muscle tension from sports, and I feel progressively better with each visit.”


5 stars    Shawna W Amazing!    October 8, 2018

“Donna never ceases to impress me with her knowledge. She strives to make each massage a better experience than the last.”


5 stars   S.F. Massage   September 21, 2018

“Dayna thank you for squeezing me into the schedule. My massage with Donna was great. She is intuitive with what your body needs and can handle. Thank you for a great massage!”


5 stars   Peggy A Wonderful Experience    September 11, 2018

“Dayna is awesome! She is super knowledgeable and professional. Thank you for squeezing me in at the last minute to help with a migraine issue. Your office is beautiful and welcoming!”


5 stars   Candice F   Dayna is awesome!!   September 4, 2018

“Dayna was extremely knowledgeable and helped relieve pain and discomfort from a nagging should injury!”


5 stars   Will P excellent as always!   September 4, 2018

“Dayna treatment is always superb. Alway top-flight therapeutic value! Thanks again for all of the help.”


5 stars    K.L. Great experience!   August 28, 2018

“Terri gave me an excellent massage, I will definitely go back. I was able to relax and did not feel rushed in any way.”


5 stars    N.P. Wonderful   August 4, 2018

“New in town and husband for me a gift certificate for my birthday. I’m a bit of a “massage snob” and didn’t have high hopes for a new place. So many are just not that great. I was pleasantly surprised at how great my massage was. Relaxing place, good value. I will absolutely return to Blooming Massage!!”


5 stars   Elizabeth D   Awesome massage   August 2, 2018

“Super pleasant environment. Wonderful massage. I felt great after the massage. Thank you!..................”


5 stars    Alaina Greenhouse   Needed This! July 30, 2018

“What a wonderful experience. Even with a sunburn they took care of my tense muscles without hurting me!! I never knew my knees needed massaging, but now I’ll never forget! Thank you!!”


5 stars    J.H. Rejuvenating    July 24, 2018

“Never let down. Always a great experience and I feel so much better, physically, emotionally and spiritually after each appointment.”


5 stars   C.M. It was wonderful   July 11,2018

“I visited Blooming Massage after a huge move. I was experiencing some major sore back and hip issue. Donna was my therapist and she knew exactly what to do. I left feeling so much better. I highly recommend Blooming Massage.”


5 stars   Shawna Kadoun   Great experience    June 26, 2018

“I had a great message, Dayna was fantastic. The facility is clean warm welcoming.. An all around great experience, will be going back.


5 stars   Sharon W Erin was amazing!    June 23, 2018

“I have recurring low back pain and regularly go to PT for it. I didn’t think that massage could help me feel better so quickly. Erin zeroed in on the trouble spot immediately and intuitively worked on it in ways that provided relief and profound relaxation. I highly recommend her!”


5 stars   Linda C Best Massage Ever!   June 23, 2018

“I’ve been seeing Erin Rogers for several years. She offers the best Therapeutic massage utilizing techniques that are truly effective. Thank you Erin! Blooming Massage is great at scheduling, reminding and providing a space that is relaxing and efficient. Thank you again!”


5 stars   L.C. Great and Kind People   June 19, 2018

“The owner and staff at blooming massage are very kind and caring people, and great masseuses! They offer excellent service and are very accommodating when one has injuries or health issues that need assistance.”


5 stars   C.K. Wonderful massage   June 12, 2018

“I had a wonderful massage at Blooming Massage. I went in with a sore back and left completely relaxed. They are wonderful and very customer focused.”


5 stars   Sienna H A much needed relaxing evening!   June 10, 2018

“My appointment with Erin was perfect! I train horses, so my body frequently gets injured and roughed up. After my massage I felt like a different person! Erin was great about explaining things as the massage went on (I learned a lot!) and the room was comfortable and relaxing. Will definitely return again!”


5 stars   Michelle J   Great Service!   June 3, 2018

“Another great experience with Blooming Massage. The pressure was great, the music relaxing, the room perfect temperature. I don’t need to use any other massage group in Longmont, I’m a forever customer!”



What on-site chair massage can do for your business?

  • Reduce physical and mental stress
  • Maintain the strength and health of employees
  • Minimize work-related physical discomfort
  • Provide a tax deductible benefit option.
  • Enhance your wellness program
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower health care cost
  • Improve employee morale
  • Shows staff that the company cares