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Blooming Massage New Rates

Starting April 1st Blooming Massage will be raising our rates to balance with the industry standards of our community. It has been a long time since our rates have been adjusted, and in the current climate, it was a difficult decision to make but one that had to be made. Not only to be relevant, and on par with our peers in the industry, but also to assist our family of massage therapists during this period. For all of our clients whom we have seen prior to this date and those who scheduled recently, we are offering a 45-day grace period, where we will honor our old rates until May 15th. Any future confirmation emails will have the new rates, but we will honor the old rates at check out. After the grace period has ended, all clients will be on our new rates. As always, we offer several ways to save money when receiving regular massages.

  • We have discounted pre-paid packages of 3 and 6 appointments, to be used throughout the year and can be shared with friends and family.

  • We also have our Everyday Hero (police officers, firefighters, nurses, teachers, and active military) and Senior (55+) Discounts which offer $5 off 30-minute sessions and $10 off sessions that are 60 minutes or more. You can receive additional savings when combined with our Client Loyalty Program.

  • If you receive bodywork each month, our Client Loyalty Program offers 50% off (our regular rate) on our client's 6th massage, after visiting us for 5 sessions in consecutive months.

  • We also have our Pay It Forward Board in our office to support each other in our pursuit of wellness. It's our way for our community, to give when they can, and receive when in need. Donations to the board are always appreciated and put to good use. Anyone can take a slip with an offering on it and put it toward their session at check out. Every bit helps and makes regular wellness appointments available for more of our community.

We appreciate you and thank you for choosing Blooming Massage for your bodywork and wellness needs! New Rates after May 15th

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