Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies... 

Albert Einstein

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration... Nikola Tesla


Frequency therapy is not a new kid on the block. It had been around in different forms for quite a while. The existence of subtle energy fields in and around our bodies has been described since ancient times. In the information field that surrounds our body, the current state of health, condition and balance of body and mind is continuously reflected. Everything is energy and everything consists of vibrations or frequencies, as discovered by famous scientists such as Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. Frequency therapy is aimed at restoring the balance in our body and mind through application of specific vibrations.




The functional principle of Healy is based on the theory of Becker and Nordenstrom, which explains that many diseases or dysfunctions in the body are caused by an unnaturally reduced cell membrane potential. This means that the voltage difference between the cell interior and the cell exterior is too low. A healthy cell has a cell membrane potential of approximately -70 mV or millivolt. A lower voltage potential than this normal (physiological) value leads to a disturbed cell metabolism and often results in various diseases and health problems.



Quantum Field Medicine is a form of alternative medicine that has its roots in recently discovered new insights in quantum physics, psychology and neurophysiology. Quantum Field Medicine works on the atomic and subatomic level of matter and subtle bioenergy fields in the human body. Scientific studies prove that all matter is composed of energy, frequencies and vibration. Matter can therefor be influenced by external application of frequencies through resonance, like sound, light and higher vibrations not perceptible by humans. Since ancient times this frequency based bio-resonance has been used in various therapeutic ways to treat illness and to support physical and mental health and wellbeing:


There are several ways to influence the quantum field directly or indirectly:

Meditation, visualization and consciousness awareness techniques
By practicing the ancient arts of meditation, breathing, intuition, visualization and mindfulness one can change the the quantum field of the human body. By informing subatomic energy fields with focused thoughts, one can lower blood pressure, enhance the immune system and release stress.


Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that originates in ancient China. By placing small needles in specific acupuncture points along meridians, energy blockages are removed so Qi (vital energy) can flow freely through the body. Very important for the desired effect is the right focus and the intention ('frequency') of the acupuncture practitioner during treatment. To support the treatment, electro-stimulation with specific frequencies can be used to treat a broad variety of medical complaints.
Acupuncture can be enhanced by daily practicing of Qi Gong and Tai Chi to support a balanced flow of Qi through the meridians.


Homeopathy / Flower Essences
Homeopathy was introduced 200 years ago by a German Physician, Samuel Hahnemann. In homeopathy remedies are prescribed according to the ancient Greek law 'Similia similibus curentur', which means 'that which makes sick shall heal'. This means that symptoms caused by an overabundance of a substance can be cured with a small dose of that same substance.
Homeopathic remedies are diluted so greatly that no chemical trace of the original substance remains. However this process imprints an energy or frequency signature into a water/alcohol solution in which it is diluted. When ingested the disturbed energy fields in the body are restored. Homeopathy is more and more used in combination with with electronic bioresonance devices.
On of the most popular approaches of homeopathy are the Bach Flower remedies, named after British physician Edward Bach.


Electro Magnetic Resonance
Since the beginning of the 20th century many scientists and physicians have pioneered in the field of vibrational medicine, frequency therapy and quantum healing. Raymond Royal Rife discovered that each organ, illness and pathogen can be targeted using a sequence of specific frequencies (MOR-mortal oscillatory rate). To apply frequencies in the body he used a plasma-tube emitting resonant electro magnetic field (PEMF) During his life he gathered information about more than 1500 illnesses and medical conditions to be treated with Rife-technology.
After his death many other scientists based their work on the findings of Rife like the two German medical doctors Reinhard Voll and Franz Morrell, the founders of the EAV (electro acupuncture Voll), the Voll and radionics meter and the MORA-treatment device, both working on the quantum field by using frequencies.
From the 80's Canadian naturopath and alternative practitioner Hulda Regehr Clark discovered that the greater part of all diseases are caused by parasites and pollutants. These can be destroyed by application of specific frequencies generated by a popular handheld device called the 'zapper'



Timewaver and Healy
In the beginning of the 21th century the German physisist and philosopher Marcus Schmieke developed Timewaver based on new insights of quantum physics as described by Nicolai Kozyrev and Burkhard Heim. Timewaver is a device that is capable of connecting directly to the information field (aka the quantum field) using different frequencies generated by a noise generator send to a special kind of hardware the 'Kozyrev-mirror'. With the Timewaver information can be dynamically read from and written to the information field. Based on the experience and findings of the Timewaver and after joining the Portuguese physicist and alternative practitioner Nuno Nina, a new state-of-the-art device was developed, the Healy. Healy is considered to be the portable follow up of the Timewaver, housing the same frequency and resonance techniques, but now in a compact device connected to a smartphone or tablet.



Color & Light Therapy
Light within the visible and invisible frequency spectrum ranging from far infrared to ultraviolet can be used to influence chemical processes in the body. Frequencies posed upon specific colors can strengthen the formation of ATP, the vital energy carrier in the body and can trigger the release of certain hormones like oxytocin, prolactin and endorphins. Colored light treatments have proven to be effective for treating various health problems like migraines and headaches.



Sound & Music Therapy
Just like light frequencies visible by the human eye, sound frequencies audible by the human ear can be used for therapeutic purposes. Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute, discovered that the human brain can be entrained by specific sound frequencies, resulting in pain reduction and improving health and wellness.


Healy is a medical device for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine as well as for the adjuvant therapy of mental illness such as depression, anxiety and associated sleep disorders. All other applications of Healy are not recognized by conventional medicine due to lack of evidence in the sense of conventional medicine.


Healy is designed to bring cell membrane potential back to a healthy (physiological) range by applying weak electrical currents to the body. The currents are very weak (in the range of a few microamperes). The most important criterion for this type of therapy is that the current is administered in the form of suitable frequencies, hence this therapy is also called "frequency therapy". The actual basis of Healy is based on the theory of Nuno Nina, as well on his experience which frequencies are needed for certain disorders. Healy contains the knowledge and the experience of many years of practice with thousands of patients.


In our model it is assumed that electric frequencies are the language of cell communication, or the key that opens connections and functions in the body. In more medical terms we can state that cell metabolism and cell division, the energy production of the cells (ATP synthesis) and the synthesis of proteins can be stimulated by frequency therapy.

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