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I'm super excited that you have put some faith in doTERRA and I truly believe it will make a change in your business and body like it has in so many people.  The key component is using the oils every day.  The power of doTERRA vs any other essential oils is that they work.  But, you will not feel the benefit if it's not incorporated in our everyday life.


When you receive your oils contact me because I want to help you get started with your oils.  Also, visit the doTERRA.com website because this is the site you can manage your orders.  When you log in just use your doTERRA ID# and the password you set up when we were setting you membership up.


PLEASE watch this video clip before your oils arrive so when your oils come we can briefly go over your membership and I can answer any questions you may have - it's a membership overview (20 minutes), click on the link below.



Your Resources:  

doTERRA has tons of resources for us, and you are now apart of a large group of oilers.  If you are okay with it I can add you to some facebook groups that our upline have established and feel free to ask question on the oils because we are all here to support each other and help people.  When we talk next let me know if it's okay.


-  You are welcome to come to our monthly complementary essential oil classes.  



- The FB groups I can add you to with your permission.


-  doTERRA has tons of resources on how to use essential oils.


Designed for anyone who is curious about doTERRA and wants a high-level overview of the company.


https://www.doterra.com/US/en/about-our-advocates - Highlight Advocates on the top of the page and you will see all what doTERRA has from blog post, webinars, ebooks... you name it.  


Daily Drop FREE App on your phone

The new Daily Drop App provides a convenient solution to essential oil education.


Official doTERRA Product Tips Blog

An excellent place to learn about product promotions, product features or product success stories.


doTERRA University

Learn about essential oils and how to use them.

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Of course you always have me -- Thank you for joining my team and ordering under me. 

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