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How can we help you?

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- We currently do not accommodate walk-in appointments. 
- Our online booking system has a lead time of 8 hours.  To book an appointment on the same day please call us (303) 827-5101.

$80 for an hour therapeutic massage or $115 for a 90-minute therapeutic massage. 


BLOOMING MASSAGE is a massage wellness center with licensed and highly skilled professionals, designed to provide you with a contoured massage session to enhance and sustain your quality of life through therapeutic touch.

Relaxation and pain relief will be priorities during your session including specific work on areas of stress or injury. It is our hope that, after each session, you leave feeling noticeably better, more relaxed, & ready to engage the day with positive energy.  While creating a space to encourage all aspects of self-care, natural wellness, and overall wellbeing. 


Restoring Health naturally - Essential Oils are a game changer

Blooming Essentials share the gifts of natural solutions for everyday life. 

"The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it" -- Hippocrates

I have suggestions for you to address nutrition, digestion, movement, metabolism, reduce toxins, informed self-care, rest & stress management. I am happy to set up a complementary wellness consultation where we can discuss your natural wellness goals and set up with a plan.



doTERRA is now offering a free wholesale membership for a year with any purchase.  doTERRA has premade starter kits or you can purchase ala cart.  If your order is over 150 pv doTERRA it will come with a gift.

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Blooming Essentials

What on-site chair massage can do for your business?

  • Reduce physical and mental stress
  • Maintain the strength and health of employees
  • Minimize work-related physical discomfort
  • Provide a tax deductible benefit option.
  • Enhance your wellness program
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower health care cost
  • Improve employee morale
  • Shows staff that the company cares

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