Healy Holistic Health

The Healy Holistic Health consists of a Healy, the Nuno Nina Gold Cycle and 8 other program pages including pain/local stimulation, bioenergetic balance 1, bioenergetic balance 2, mental balance, meridians 1, meridians 2, sleep, and skin with connection to the HealAdvisor Cloud that can help guide you to better health.

$942.00 plus tax



    What on-site chair massage can do for your business?

    • Reduce physical and mental stress
    • Maintain the strength and health of employees
    • Minimize work-related physical discomfort
    • Provide a tax deductible benefit option.
    • Enhance your wellness program
    • Increase productivity
    • Lower health care cost
    • Improve employee morale
    • Shows staff that the company cares