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We are happy to welcome Sarah Kirk to the Blooming Massage team!

Sarah first became interested in massage therapy after her Mother suggested massage school. Sarah says, “She always new I was a healer.” She decided to attend the Denver School of Massage Therapy in 2010. After graduating, Sarah open her own practice. She ended up moving to a new home that was attached to a spa called the “The Atrium Spa.” There she expanded her training to include hot stone therapy, ion cleanses, infrared sauna and bio feedback. She found the biofeedback to be particularly of interest.

After working at The Atrium for three years, Sarah switched professional paths and started working for a concrete company. With working for the concrete company, it allowed Sarah to practice good time management and customer relations. She also realized what it was like to manage a business.

After that experience there, she decided to open her own business “Rustic Paws Breeding”. She gets to play with puppies all day long, which she loves! Sarah says, “I have the most Amazing dogs and I love them all sooo much!” Sarah continues to run her dog breeding business while she is a therapist at Blooming Massage. When Sarah isn’t spending time with the puppies or doing massage; then she’s on the move, hiking, biking, running, playing basketball or playing her guitar.

We are very happy to have Sarah working with here and hope you will help us in welcoming her. In celebration of Sarah joining the Blooming Massage team we are offering a special welcome bonus of 20% off your first massage session with Sarah. This special is good through May 30th. Sarah is working out of our 21st Avenue location. To schedule a session, please visit online at or give us a call at 303-827-5101. Be sure to mention the 20% off code: “WELCOMESARAH!”

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