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Meet our Therapist: Donna Salemink, LMT, CFMW

Donna joined the Blooming Massage team this past year. She is both a massage therapists and an experienced energy healer. She has spent years as a practitioner, educator and mentor in the healing arts. She has traveled the world sharing her healing gifts and assisting clients in the actualization of thriving lives and happy healthy bodies.

An interesting and unique tidbit about Donna is that she has survived a lightning strike. She is the mother of two young adults, and has enjoyed travel near and far, with her dog Foodle by her side. For Donna, work and play aren’t much different. You can find her traveling the globe enjoying the finest restaurants available or car camping locally. She enjoys running around with horses, riding her bike and slugging down a good ol’ Smash Burger.

Donna is a licensed massage therapist, Access Conscious Therapist and facilitator in Conscious Horse Conscious Rider programs. Her primary focus with Blooming Massage is as a massage therapist with techniques in Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial work, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Assisted Stretching and Reflexology. She also brings the Access Consciousness technique to Blooming Massage which works with the energy pathways in the body to create healthy energy and flow.

In connection with Access Consciousness, Donna specializes in Conscious Embodiment: that includes a combination of energetic healing techniques, massage therapy and life coaching. This can include the activation of energies in the body that help a client live with health and harmony throughout their life. In the sessions, she also helps the body eradicate energies that no longer serve a clients well being. This gentle work can be of benefit for all. It can be used to help with health issues big or small, chronic conditions, emotional healing, addiction issues, trauma support, detoxification, relationships issues and even for overall health and wellbeing .

Whether it is through massage therapy, energy work or coaching Donna Salemink helps support her clients through their life’s journey. Donna’s life work is to facilitate the process of creating a glorious thriving life and body filled with energy, joy and ease with her clients. Book a session with her today.

visiting or calling 303-827-5101

She works out of both our Longmont locations.

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