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  • Dayna Orton

Five Easy Ways to Help Support You Immune System

As we pass through the middle point of the winter season, we can do a few easy things to help support ourselves for a healthy journey towards Spring. Below are five easy steps you can take to support your immune system and are pillars for total health and wellbeing. Remember that making just a few adjustments can have big health benefits.

Step One: Get enough rest

Getting enough rest should be a cornerstone of our lives. It is vital for the body’s health to get the proper time for rest and recovery in the body. If sleep is a challenge for you, creating a before bed time routine and a morning wake-up routine may be able to help. Routines can be a great way to get your body accustomed to slowing down and getting prepared for sleep in the evening and transitioning from sleep to being alert, awake, and ready to start your day in the morning.

Quality of sleep is also important for the body’s ability to rest and recover. Turning off the technology at least an hour before bed can help immensely. Turning off and keeping devices that use wifi and that have screens that use blue light can help. The wifi, sound alerts and even a flicker of the light from the screens can trigger parts of the brain to wake up. When that happens it can impact the body’s natural circadian rhythms and make it hard for the body to go back into deep sleep.

Step Two: Be mindful of what nourishes you

Nourishment comes in many forms. Be mindful of what you take in through mind, body and spirit. Use everything in your life as an opportunity to nourish yourself. Food, social connection, an enjoyable activity, the information you take in during the day, and the people you surround yourself with. Making a few more mindful choices each day in this department can create big health rewards.

Step Three: Reducing Stress

Stress and the impact it has on our nervous systems is considered one of the leading causes of illness. It is believed that 90% or more, of all health related illnesses and disorders, initially stem from the impact that stress has on the nervous system. Let’s flip the switch on this idea. Find new ways to find balance in your daily life. Let go of activities that bring chaos into your day. Is there a new way to plan your schedule so it creates a more harmonious day? Are there some people or activities that no longer serve your best interest in your life? Increase your health tenfold by choosing to fill your day with choices that have a positive impact for you and help you maintain your personal balance.

Step Four: Hydration

Stay hydrated. It will support your immune system, digestive system, mental clarity and overall wellbeing. The benefits are endless. Especially living in a dry environment life Colorado. Proper hydration will help both mood and physical health. Have that reusable water bottle full and take in some water as you go throughout your day. Taking a quick water break can also me a great time to take a few deep breaths and ground your energy.

Step Five: Get your Body Moving!

Regular exercise is a staple for maintain a healthy life but there are other ways to incorporate movement into life. Take a few 5 minute breaks throughout your day to do some stretching, or a little walking in place, especially if you sit throughout your day. Also, if possible, take advantage for walking or biking to do your errands. It will help the environment at the same time. Parking a little bit farther out of from your destination or taking the stair instead of the elevator are also easy steps to get your body moving. Every step counts!

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