• Dayna Orton

dōTERRA Weekly Drops of Wisdom: Bergamot

This Valentine’s day, add a light floral note to your home by diffusing dōTERRA Bergamot essential oil. While other citrus oils are stimulating and invigorating, Bergamot is unique because it reduces tension and stress. Used by the Italians for years to promote uplifting and calming feelings, it can also be purifying and cleansing to the skin.

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“Use aromatically and topically to enjoy the calming benefits of Bergamot essential oil. Combine with dōTERRA Fractionated coconut oil to give your significant other a purifying and serene back massage this Valentine’s Day. Apply a couple of drops of dōTERRA Bergamot to your feet before bed and enjoy the relaxing benefits before drifting off to sleep.”

Learn more about the origins of dōTERRA Bergamot here.

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