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  • Dayna Orton

5 Minute Check-in for Better Health

It’s a new year and January is “Make Health Your Priority” month at Blooming Massage. Body work and essential oils are wonderful ways to support your health and wellness year round. There are also many small adjustments that you can do throughout your day that can create big improvements. One such thing is the 5 minute check-in. You can use this technique multiple times a day to check-in with your body, mind and spirit. It can also become part of your morning wake up routine and to help slow down as you transition to bed in the evening. It only take five minutes and you may be surprised how something so simple can shift your whole day.

5 steps to the 5 minute check-in:

  1. Sit with your seat on a chair or surface and your feet planted firmly on the the ground. Begin to notice the feel of the seat touching the chair. What does it feel like? Do you notice one side more than the other. Is your weight more forward or leaning back? What does the ground feels like under your feet. Is there a sensation or texture you can feel? Can you feel your whole foot on the ground?

  2. Do a full body scan starting at your feet and gradually working your way up body to the top of your head. Notice what sensations your feel and in what part of the body. If you noticed tension or tightness some where. Pause and take a few slow breaths in and out. Breath into that area and let it release on the exhale. Notice the sensations. When you are ready, continue your body scan, until you have checked in with your whole body.

  3. Next notice how you are feeling emotionally and mentally. Has it been a good day? Challenging? What have been 3 positives? What would you like more support with? Are you feeling any emotions in your physical body and where? What does it feel like? If you find a place that draws your attention, Take a few deep slow breaths. Imagine it gently filling the area with fresh light, energy and oxygen and then release out anything that is no longer needed.

  4. Begin to do some synchronized breathing. Inhale for a count of four, hold for two counts, exhale for a count of four and pause for two counts. Repeat. Let the inhale enter through your nostrils, fill the lungs and then the abdomen fully. Then exhale in reverse order, emptying your abdomen, lungs and out through the mouth. Doing this cycle ten times is a great way to slow your breathing down and allow your body regulate.

  5. Let go of the synchronized breathing and breath naturally. Take a minute or two to just be. Notice how you feel. Notice your surroundings. Do you notice any thing different than when you sat down?

You can do this technique anywhere and at anytime. It’s great a way to take break in your day. Even better if you can step outside for a few minutes, be in connection with nature and sunlight. As you begin to do 5 minute check-ins regularly notice how you feel. Are your more grounded? Do you feel better physically, Are you able to better respond to situations instead of react? Are you more aware of how you are feeling both in mind and body? Has there been an impact in interactions with others?

I recommend starting with a 5 minute check in first thing in the morning when you wake up. At lease once during the day. Then again right before you

go to bed. Start take simple actions to help support your health and vitality. It will transform your life one breath at a time!

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