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Meet our therapists: Terri Jean Maples, LMT

Meet our therapists: Terri Jean Maples, LMT

Terri joined the Blooming Massage team in February of 2018. Terri found her way to a career in massage therapy after working as a receptionist in a local chiropractic and massage office. She was impressed by the beneficial impact she would see in clients who received regular massage. She also experienced the benefits of massage herself as a ballet dancer throughout childhood. Massage was used to help her in the recovery from sore muscles.

Terri graduated from the IBMC College of Longmont in June 2017 with her Associate’s Degree in Occupational Studies for Therapeutic Massage. While in college she learned many modalities including; hydrotherapy, myofascial release, Swedish massage and deep tissue techniques, lymphatic drainage, chair massage, neuromuscular therapy, pre and post natal massage, reflexology and cupping.

Terri’s client, Jennifer, had this to say about her massage work: “Terri has a natural gift to listen with her hands. She uses strong fluid strokes that reach the depth of the muscle without being over powering. She is able to adjust pressure to the needs of the client and find the areas in my body that need the most attention. It’s a sign of a true healer and therapist.”

When Terri isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her husband Jameson, their new daughter Meadow (who was just born in May 2018) and their cat Godfrey. She is a true Longmont local, her family moved here when she was a young child and she has lived here ever since. Terri works out of both Blooming Massage locations on the weekends.

She believes that everyone deserves to be pampered and taken care of. She would love to work with you!

You can book a session with Terri today by calling 303-827-5101 or visiting

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