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  • Jennifer Lauer

Blooming Massage Holiday Special

Tis the Season… for some holiday joy!

The holiday season can get a bit hectic but if we stop, take a breath, and remember why it also has meaning, we can take a moment to acknowledge why it’s important. Seeing loved ones, celebrating the light of day returning with the Winter Solstice, a celebrated holiday or religious belief, cherishing the things that bring you joy and meaning in your life. There are so many ways we can celebrate and add nourishment this time of year. Self care is an important part of nourishing body, mind and soul. Massage is a great way support you during this time of year. Imagine going into those holiday events feeling grounded, relaxed and feeling good. You feel energized and recharged this holiday season. Here at Blooming Massage it is one of goals to support our clients year round in doing just that.

This season we are offering a special holiday opportunity. Come in for an hour or more long service of your choice before December 25th and take $15 off our regular priced rate.

Use the code BMChristmas when booking online or via phone for the holiday savings. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Here are just a few ways massage and bodywork can help you this season:

  • Aid in stress reduction and reduced tension.

  • Help to reduce pain and tension in muscles and joints

  • Increase relaxation, grounding and an overall sense of wellbeing

  • Help to support the body’s natural restorative processes and increase quality of sleep.

  • Support the nervous system, increase blood flow through the body, boost the immune system.

Whether you are looking for some help with a specific physical or health need, or are looking for overall wellbeing, let us support your with some bodywork today.

If you have questions, or would like to hear more about all the bodywork offerings we have at Blooming Massage, give a call at 303-827-5101 or visit

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