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Blooming Massage's Welcome Promotion - Two Fabulous Additions to our Staff (Heather Mewis &

Our newest Massage Therapists joining the Blooming Massage tribe of healers are Heather Mewis and Donna Salemink. Both join us with years of experience and knowledge. They both will be working primarily at our 21st Avenue location.

Services Heather Mewis specializes in are Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Sport Massage, and Prenatal.

Use our coupon code: WELCOMEHEATHER and get 20% off our regular rates from now until end of June with Heather. (Coupon code can only used once.)

Services Donna Salemink specializes in are Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, Chakra Balancing, and Access Consciousness where she does Access Bars Point Therapy and Energetic Face lifts. Use our coupon code: WELCOMEDONNA and get 20% off our regular rates from now until end of June with Donna. (Coupon code can only be used once.)

Blooming Massage is a collective of passionate healers who specializes in various massage modalities. I encourage you to get a massage from us all and see how massage therapy can benefit you. There are so many ways to approach the body and here at Blooming Massage you have your pick.


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