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  • Dayna Orton

Essential Oils that help support a calming wellbeing

Hey Guys,

Here is a quick list for you of 5 oils that can help support you so you so you don’t feel so overwhelmed. Depending on the oil you can apply topically, internally or diffuse them for best results.

Here’s 5 crazy good oils…

1.) Ylang Ylang – pronounced (eeelang, eeelang), is well known for centuries and has been used as a fragrance and in perfumes for many many years. It can help manage stress. You can throw a few drops in an epsom salt bath or place a few drops on your wrist too.

2.) Lavender – a very popular oil that has been known since ancient Roman and Egyptian times to help with promoting relaxing and calming effects. You can use lavender in so many ways…placing on your skin, in your food, a couple of drops in your mouth, diffuse or even in your cooking. One of my favorite oils

3.) Geranium – chances are you have probably heard or seen Geranium used in many different forms, whether it is the flowers for decoration, being used as a fragrance or in cooking and hair care products…but it is a great oil to provide a calming affect, especially when diffused. You can also add to your shampoo or moisturizer for great hair and skin.

4.) Bergamot – this is an oil that is frequently used in the massage therapy for it’s calming benefits. This is a fantastic oil that can help uplift those sad feelings and have a calming affect. In Greece the actual fruits are served as desserts and also added to their coffee!

5.) Wild Orange – a popular citrus oil that is known for elevating the mind and body and helping us with a boost of energy. This is another one of my favorites that I put in my water, use in cooking and a great oil to diffuse.

Well there are enough oils here to get you started and help you to elevate those moods and bring more calm to your life.

Remember everyone is different and one oil that works or one person may not work another. Play aorund with these oils and see what works best for you.

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