5 ways to Earn Money with doTERRA

There are dozens of reasons why I chose to work with DoTERRA essential oils but the one I'll dive into here is the INCREDIBLE compensation plan. Let's hash out the goods.

​There are five ways to earn with DoTERRA.


1. Retail. You make 25% plain and simple. The Home Essentials Kit is my most popular and is $225 wholesale, earning me $56.25 for each one sold. This shows up on your commission summary once a week and gets updated every Tuesday.

2. Fast Start Bonus. This is where it gets fun... and a little confusing. You earn 20% commission on all your new enrollees for the first 60 days. Let's call these folks 'level A'. Anyone they enroll is 'level B' and you receive 10%. Anyone that level B enrolls is now level C and you receive 5%. Below is my attempt to visually display this. Fast Start is also paid out on a weekly basis.

3. Unilevel. This is based on your entire organization. You get paid based on qualifying levels in your downline. This is what is different than most MLM organizations and is straight up more rewarding than anywhere else.  Your Level 1, you will get 2% on all of their purchases. Forever. Your Level 2 you will get 3%. Your Level 3 you will get 5%. This is where the residual income comes into play. You will be earning on your teams orders every month, forever. Below is the full summary for unilevel bonuses.

4. Another way to earn is by the Power of 3. Which teaches builders to enroll 3 people with an LRP monthly order of 150pv and between the four of you have an overall volume of 600pv. When this happens you get a $50 bonus. YAY! So once that happens, you teach those three to do the same so that each of them gets the bonus and you get a $250 bonus. Even more YAY! And when THAT happens you teach THOSE people to do the same and you get a $1,500 bonus. YAY! YAY! YAY! The trick is to get everyone on LRP, which can be tricky but VERY rewarding. Power of 3 is paid out on a monthly basis.

5. The final way to earn is performance pools. This doesn't take affect until you are Premier or above. You basically get paid in shares for each successful builder you personally enroll. The more successful your enrollees, the more successful you are. So it's VERY important to make your business plan duplicatable (not sure that's a real word), and to stay close to your team and train them well. A strong bond with your builders is what will make you a great leader and successful in this business.

Curious on what the average pay is? Check out this graphic that shows the average DoTERRA earnings from 2016. With my new enrollees, it is my goal to get you to Elite in 60 days.

​Ready to build a business?? I have a road map that, if followed, will get you earning in no time. I will be your coach and cheerleader every step of the way. We have weekly team calls to train on the business model as well as products. What are you waiting for?? 


Let's get to work! 

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