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Blooming Massage Welcome’s Reiki Master Ana Teresa Salcedo!

My name is Ana Teresa Salcedo, originally from Venezuela. After many years of teaching for the public school system in Colorado, I decided to start on a new path that was calling me. After some years of stressful work, it was time for me to retire and value my health. Most of importantly enjoy my personal free time to learn, reflect about my life experiences and create new ways to help others.

I consider myself a highly intuitive, observant, reflective person who loves to learn, and above all else, to listen to my inner self. As I have moved forward throughout my life I have realized that life is beautiful and short. For that reason I believe that every minute counts and we have to live it to the fullest.

I am a firm believer that we are energetic beings in a physical body and that our self-healing is very connected to our thoughts, emotions, attitude and self-decisions. Although I have a deep respect for the conventional medicine, I believe that there are many alternative therapies that can help us in living a healthy life. This knowledge was the inspiration that helped me to create my business Terapia Alternativa Armonica (Harmonic Alternative Therapy). In my business I offer distance Reiki and other services. I am happy to also be part of Blooming Massage and offering in office Reiki sessions and Reiki circle group sessions.

As part of my work as a Reiki Master; I also provide volunteer services to LifeSpark Cancer Resources and have seen first hand how Reiki, as an alternative therapy, offers incredible benefits with balancing energy blockages that affect our physical and emotional wellbeing. I love to motivate people and coach people to find better ways to live a healthier lifestyle by using energetic healing, meditation and mindfulness.

Please visit the blooming massage website at or call 303-827-5101 to find out more information and to schedule an appointment today!

Ana is available on Tuesday and Thursdays at our 21st Avenue location. We are also excited to offer Reiki Circle Group Sessions - TBA


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